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Parapsychology is the scientific study of psychic phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis. This fascinating field seeks to understand abilities of the mind that seem to go beyond the known physical laws of science. If you have an interest in the paranormal and psychic abilities, studying parapsychology online can be an enriching educational experience.

What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology falls under the realm of fringe science and is closely related to fields like psychology, physics, and neuroscience. It aims to investigate extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis through controlled laboratory experiments and statistical analysis. Parapsychologists study phenomena like:

  • Telepathy – The ability to transmit thoughts, feelings, or images directly from one mind to another without using the traditional five senses.
  • Clairvoyance – The ability to gain information from paranormal means about an object, person, or physical event.
  • Psychokinesis – The ability to influence physical objects or biological processes using the power of the mind. Examples include moving or altering objects just by thinking about them.

Parapsychology in Relation to Psychology Parapsychology is closely tied to psychology and involves studying the brain, cognition, and human behavior as they relate to reported psychic abilities. It aims to find psychological explanations for alleged paranormal phenomena that have puzzled scientists for decades.

The field utilizes statistics, randomized controlled trials, and laboratory techniques adapted from cognitive and social psychology. While controversial, parapsychology employs a scientific approach with the goal of gaining insights into the untapped potential of the human mind.

Psychokinesis and Parapsychology Research The ability to manipulate matter using only mental effort, known as psychokinesis (PK), is a major area of research in parapsychology. This psychic phenomenon suggests that thoughts or willpower can directly influence physical reality – a concept that challenges core scientific assumptions.

Parapsychologists study micro-psychokinesis, where subjects try to mentally influence the outcome of random number generators. Some experiments also assess macro-PK involving feats like altering the trajectory of rolling dice. Statistical reviews have found small but significant evidence for PK, although findings remain disputed.

How Long Does it Take to Study Parapsychology?

There are few accredited programs that offer degrees specifically in parapsychology. However, you can study it at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels as a concentration within a related field like psychology or neuroscience.

A bachelor’s degree takes about four years of full-time study. Focusing on parapsychology research methods and statistics will provide a solid foundation before pursuing graduate studies. A master’s degree typically takes one to two years, while a PhD lasts around five years including the dissertation.

Look for schools that support parapsychology research, such as the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Their psychology program includes opportunities to study topics like extrasensory perception, telepathy, and precognition under expert faculty.

Who Can Study Parapsychology?

Parapsychology requires an open and curious mind along with critical thinking skills. Comfort with statistics and experiment design is also helpful given the field’s emphasis on testing psychic claims through controlled studies. Patience is key when investigations involve subtle effects that can be difficult to replicate.

While parapsychology is considered a pseudo-science by some, it attracts academics from traditional fields who aim to shed light on some of the biggest mysteries about human consciousness. Studying parapsychology can prepare you for careers in research, academia, or science writing. It also benefits those looking to bridge the gap between science and spirituality through evidence-based inquiry.

If you’re fascinated by psychic phenomena, studying parapsychology online provides the chance to explore extraordinary human abilities and contribute to unlocking the mysteries of the mind. With an open but skeptical perspective, you can gain insights into this controversial body of research and form your own conclusions.

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